Certificates & Bookmarks

4 pages. 3 different bookmarks to give out during March is reading month. Use as an incentive, or simply a sweet surprise on/in students' desks.
8 pages. Some cute things to give to students on St. Patty's Day. Includes: 2 bookmarks, badge, 3 old-fashioned postcards and a note from the teacher.

2 pages. A nice keepsake for a graduating kindergartner or parent.

4 pages. Reward your students after they pass their assessments by giving them a certificate. Jazz them up with a sticker or two. Since being able to point to a coin to identify it and being able to point to a coin and name it are two different standard
123 pages! All sorts of tips, ideas, and fun things to make going back to school exciting and more organized for you.

66 pages. This packet contains a wonderful assortment of cute behavior charts and notes, + self-esteem building and motivational ideas, to help modify behavior, while making your life easier and more organized.

23 pages. September through June 3 on a page.

103 pages. 101 praise certificates. Some for each month,season,& lots of themes! Help build a child's self-esteem today; it's so very important!
12 pages. Enjoy these free incentive charts to reward good behavior or track student work. You can read, save, or print them.
12 pages. I know you'll enjoy these cute sticker charts. You can read, save, or print this.
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