Monkey Mania

20 pages. An interesting and different way to get your students to enjoy practicing skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's + counting by 1's to 30. Includes traceable number cards + covers so students can make Itty Bitty booklets.
5 pages. An easy reader rhyming booklet, that reinforces counting and math skills. Students circle the last number in the sequence and stamp that many dots in the set. Includes a graphing extension.
8 pages. Can your students guess where those crazy monkeys have gone? Give them 2 choices then graph the results as an extra math extension!
10 pages. Your students will go coco-nuts over spatial directions with this fun little booklet.
12 pages. Can your students help the baby monkey figure out what shape his banana is?
11 pages. Students will delight in learning their numbers 1-10 by counting monkey see-monkey do!
65 pages. Here are a few samples of the lessons your students will go bananas over!