Juggling Fun With 3D Shapes Plus a Cylinder Windsock Craft


1-2-3 Come Do Some 3D Shape Craftivities With Me

So that my kiddos can better understand the cylinder shape, and make that word part of their vocabulary, I make windsocks several times during the year.

They absolutely LOVE making them, plus, they’re easy-peasy for me, look fantastic suspended from the ceiling, and take just a short amount of time.

3D shape activities, 3D shape crafts, cylinder shape activities, real world cylinder shape activities, cylinder shape craftsIt seemed only appropriate to make one specifically to highlight examples of real world cylinder shapes.

There are two patterns to choose from which show graphics of a variety of cylinders your students should be familiar with.  Pick one, or give children a choice. 

You can also use one as a worksheet for children to color at a later date or use for homework, early finishers or tuck in your sub tub.

While students are happily coloring, I point out that the cylinder is made up of the flat, 2D rectangular shape, which they are now working on, but when rolled, will turn into a 3D cylinder. This simple fact never ceases to amaze them!

3D shape activities, 3D shape crafts, cylinder shape activities, real world cylinder shape activities, cylinder shape craftsTo transform this worksheet into a windsock, simply add some colorful strips of paper for the "tails". I cut mine one inch wide, the length of the construction paper, using a paper cutter.

My sample incorporates all the colors of the rainbow, but students could choose any colors they want.  Color choice is also an interesting way to practice AB-AB or ABC-ABC patterning.

To get in some writing practice have students write the names of each example on a colorful strip before they glue them down.
They could also write attributes on the strips.

Gently roll the paper & staple into a cylinder shape. The front will show examples of real world shapes, while a poem ("Cylinders here. Cylinders there. I spy cylinders everywhere" is on the back.

3D shape activities, 3D shape crafts, cylinder shape activities, real world cylinder shape activities, cylinder shape craftsPunch 2 holes on either side, add a yarn loop & suspend from the ceiling.

I’ve included a poster for the center of your display.  I print two and glue them back to back, so I can suspend along with the windsocks. 

We always get lots of compliments, which really helps build self-esteem and a sense of pride in their work. 

3D shape activities, 3D shape craftsToday's FREEBIE also helps review 3D shapes.  My son Steven, started juggling at a young age; now as an adult, he’s quite skilled and shared with me, that a true master can juggle a variety of objects, that are different sizes and weights.

One of his sillier stunts, was juggling a roll of toilet paper, a plunger and a bowling ball!
This was especially entertaining for little ones, as evidenced by their giggles and clapping.

3D shape activities, 3D shape crafts, 3D shape bulletin boardsSteven’s juggling escapades, inspired me to design these quick, easy and fun “Let’s Juggle 3D Shapes!” worksheets, as an interesting way to review the sphere, cube, cylinder & cone.

Patterns come in black and white, featuring a boy as well as a girl juggler. The air above them is blank.

Students fill that space, by coloring, cutting, and gluing whatever 3D shapes they have chosen, from a selection of examples on another worksheet.

3D shape activities, math centers, sub tub, 3D shape craftsChildren must choose at least one of each shape, then as many others as they want to fill in the rest of the empty space.

Afterwards, using the shape key, they label the various shapes with a letter.

I’ve also included 2, colorful & completed posters, which you can use as examples to help explain what you want your students to do.

When everyone is finished, have students share their poster, pointing out their favorite object that’s being juggled and what type of 3D shape that is.

Since they are all different, completed projects make a cute bulletin board display.  Fun for a math center, homework or a sub tub too. 

3D shape activities, 3D shape crafts, cylinder shape activities, windsocks, 3D shape centrs, math centersWell that's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

It's going to be rather hot and muggy, so I need to don my gardening hat and give my flowers a much-needed drenching! 

Wishing you a fun-filled day with whatever you have to juggle.

"Life is a juggling act that sometimes requires you to drop everything." -Linda Poindexter

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