9 pages. Common Core State Standard::RF.1.1 Students will enjoy looking for 18 gingerbread cards that are missing a capital letter and end punctuation.

3 pages. Laminate and cut out & add to your calendar bulletin board. Make an extra set and add these monthly cards to your word wall as well.

39 pages. Your students will enjoy making and wearing these 30 masks to help make story time come alive. Act out poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, counting parts of a story, and special holidays.

38 pages. Use these themed skill sheets to help your little ones strengthen their finger muscles and increase their hand-eye coordination, as they learn how to use a small glue bottle to make tiny dots on the seasonal shapes.

18 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d Use these alphabet ornaments in a variety of ways, including flashcards, bulletin board aids, borders, and games. Includes upper and lowercase letters + a blank template for you to program and a tip sheet

1 page. Zip up your writing centers or Daily 5 activities by placing a story wheel in them. Students spin the wheel 3-4 times and write sentences or a 1-paragraph story and include the picture ideas in them.
1 page A nice way to get your students ready to transition.

4 pages An easy and inexpensive "green" gift for children to make. Charlie the snowman welcomes people by hanging on a doorknob announcing if it should "Let it snow" or "melt..."  If you want to make a matching ornament, use a large Popsicle stick.

6 pages. An easy "green" gift for students to make. Wonderful way to review the cylinder shape and the importance of recycling.
6 pages. An adorable decoration that changes from a flat circle shape to a triangle and then into a 3-D pyramid shape! Makes a great table decoration or perfect for place cards too.
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