26 pages. A wonderful way to help little ones realize that different animals have different homes. Can you guess whooooooo lives here?
95 pages. Young children will enjoy starting at the left and zooming to the right as they trace a variety of shaped lines on adorable-themed artwork.
13 pages. Students trace a variety of lines inside a seasonal shape. One for each month.
13 pages. Children practice tracing the lines left to right inside the large monthly themed shape.
75 pages. You'll love how you can reinforce a number of report card standards + incorporate a bit of art into the lesson with these adorable booklets sure to become a keepsake for parents.
39 pages. More Rip and Tear fun that will take you through ALL of the months. A quick and easy art project your students will enjoy. Can be individual projects or turn it into a monthly activity and make a beautiful keepsake booklet to take home at the
14 pages. These adorable bookmarks come in black and white ready for your students to color. There are 3 on a page so you don't have to run off that many to get a class set.

23 pages. September through June 3 on a page.

103 pages. 101 praise certificates. Some for each month,season,& lots of themes! Help build a child's self-esteem today; it's so very important!
59 pages. Here are just a few of almost 60 themed door-knob hangers. There is one for every theme on the TeachWithMe website. I also include all of the holidays. They say: "Happy Thanksgiving", "Happy Valentine's Day" etc.
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