5 pages. Here's an article of my favorite decorating tips.
47 pages. Common Core State Math Standard: 1.MD.3 January through May. 5 months of great mini skill building booklets that reinforce how to tell time.
87 page unit that will be showers of fun for your students!
8 pages. You won't want to avoid this down pour of knowledge as your students have fun cutting and pasting their umbrellas as they listen and follow spatial directions.
7 pages. Students will enjoy helping the raindrops evaporate by zapping them with an X as they solve simple subtraction equations while trying to figure out the math mystery.
11 pages. Ir's raining. It's pouring! Let's count the drops while the old man is snoring! 1-10 then let's do it again!
Here is a sampling of the 81 pages to help you reduce reuse and recycle every year!
10 pages. 1 booklet + a page of writing & discussion extensions. Where is that raccoon; and what's he up to?
95 pages of bountiful butterfly activities!
6 pages. This easy reader reinforces spatial directions and is a fun way to review/teach 3D shapes. Students trace the words and shapes as well as cut out butterflies and place them in the appropriate positions on the pages.
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