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I hope they'll help & excite you!
I've also posted some pictures of my classroom for you to look at to get ideas.

To keep things neat and organized I use tubs to keep my manipulatives in and put these on shelves.
So that things don't look busy and cluttered the tubs are the same size and bright primary colors.

I turn shelving units so that they do NOT face the door, so that when a person enters my room things don't look busy. You can view shelves from the side, or slap a poster on the back of the unit.
Whenever possible I put toys in drawers that children can pull out and dump out. It's easy for them to take out and put away and things look neat and not cluttered. i.e. the 2 gray 4-drawer tall units, and the long 10 drawer wooden bureau.

I also have a video for you to view if you want to get some more tips on organization and decorating.

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