1 page. A quick and easy writing prompt "craftivity" for Earth Day.

3 pages. A creative way to have students write about ways they reduce, reuse or recycle, helping to take care of, and love our earth.

3 pages. A fun way to review the numbers on a clock as well as things you can recycle.

6 pages. A creative way to have students write about how they reduce, reuse and recycle.

2 pages. Students trace the beginning portion of the sentence and then complete the thought by writing how they reduce, reuse and recycle. Add more pizzazz by having students glue their school photo over either the boy or girl and then color.

6 pages. Making a water cycle wheel helps students understand this concept as they can visually "see" the cycle going round and round. Includes a cut & glue water cycle worksheet as well.
4 pages. Use on your calendar, or for your word wall. Make an extra set and have students play Memory Match. Have students choose one to color and use as a bookmark or to simply reinforce the word.
109 pages! There are many ways you can use this packet. Students can sort words by vowel sounds, word families, nouns, verbs, plurals, contractions, rhyming words, colors, numbers, shapes, antonyms, synonyms etc.
6 pages. This quick, easy and fun "craftivity" is a wonderful way to review patterning with your students. Completed projects make a colorful spring bulletin board.
11 pages. Since tweeting is all the rage, I decided to hone in on that motivation to get students to tweet a variety of things on a daily or weekly basis as a format for quick, easy and fun writing prompts.
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