Social Studies

10 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF:K1d and L.1.1a As you study community helpers, have students add them to their personal Community Helpers Alphabet booklet.
20 pages. What kinds of items are associated with a community helper's job? Includes 10 sorting mats featuring 19 community helpers, with 85 "tools of the trade" picture cards.

10 pages. This game is an excellent way to learn about community helpers.

12 pages. A quick, easy and fun way to study community helpers is via comparison and contrast. Venn diagrams are great for showing this concept. Includes 11 Venn diagrams comparing 22 community helpers + a blank template.

11 pages. This community helpers dice game, reinforces numbers 1-12, as well as simple addition. Graphics copyright DJ Inkers Used with permission.

30 pages. Use these community helper cards for your word wall, pocket chart, games, puzzles and booklets.
2 pages. Here is a helpful alphabetical list of over 300 community helpers and occupations.
2 pages. An alphabetical list of 63 of my favorite books about community helpers. If you have any you use when you teach your community helper unit, I'd love to hear from you.
60 pages A Monthly Newsletter Packet chock full of a little bit of everything that might go on during that month.

124 pages. Wow! This is a wonderfully fun way to teach geography.  Includes lots of geography related activities, passport, crafts, links, notes home for parental help, maps, writing extensions, class books and so much more. Up-dated with pages for older students.

This packet is in the process of being revamped.  Please check back November 22nd.

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