14 pages. A delightful easy reader that reinforces color and number words. Students trace and write the color and number word and then color the "thing" in the garden. This is a nice addition to your writing center or Daily 5 activities. Includes 2 graph

4 pages. A terrific way to get students using those describing words. Includes a reminder bookmark of what an adjective is.

8 pages. Students trace and write the color and number words, then color that many petals on the flower. Number 9 has a twist. Includes 1 graphing extension.
26 pages. Practice a variety of skills and standards with this cute booklet and fun way for your students to learn or review, write, recognize and read numbers and number words.

3pages. Glyphs are a great way to assess listening and following directions as well as find out more about your students. Finished products make an interesting bulletin board or hallway display too.

15 pages An easy and fun way to improve behavior and reinforce math skills.When you see students behaving appropriately (everyone completed their morning work) have a student choose a number from the jar. Another student traces that number on the 100's B

5 pages. 3 different worksheets with a butterfly theme. Students fill in the UT to make words; trace, write and alphabetize words that rhyme with butter as well as fly. Includes a mini certificate of praise.
7 pages. Two fun writing prompts that turn into class books. Students trace and complete the sentence and then illustrate their page. Includes a graphing extension.

8 pages. Common Core State Standard RF:K1d and L.1.1a These butterfly puzzles are a different way to assess students as well as a fun way for them to practice one-to-one correspondence and matching upper and lowercase numbers with each other.

14 pages. An easy reader that reviews color words and the life cycle of a butterfly. Includes a graphing extension + color word flashcards and butterfly-caterpillar color cards.
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