Stuff It ST Blend Activities


 15 pages.

This "Stuff a Stocking" packet includes a variety of quick, easy and fun ways students can practice words that begin and end with the ST blend.

For one activity, children color and trim a stocking, then stuff it with words that have the st blend in them, by writing them on the front of their stocking.

The packet includes an alphabetical list of 92 words that begin with st, as well as a list of 64 words that end with the st blend, plus matching mini-word cards. 

For a whole group activity, there's a teddy bear stocking children can stuff with beginning st word cards, as well as a moose stocking, for filling with words ending with the st blend. The teacher calls out a word, and the child holding that card "stuffs" the appropriate stocking. 

Students can also choose 3-5 cards and write sentences incorporating the word cards they picked. To practice alphabetizing, have students write their word cards in alphabetical order.  I've included a worksheet for this, which would be a nice Daily 5 word work activity.

cover stuff itThis activity will be FREE for an entire year!  Woo hoo. 

After which time, it will be up-dated and put in my TpT shop.

Click on the link to see the new, 27-page "Stuff It!" packet.


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