Stuff It! Christmas Stocking Writing Prompt Craft


 6 pages.

"Stuff It!" is an interesting and fun way for students to practice writing.  I've included several options, with two different stocking patterns so you could actually do both of them, or give students a choice.

 To reinforce patterning, have students write their name on the "cuff" of the stocking in an ABAB color pattern. After coloring and trimming their stocking, students make an alphabetical list of things they'd enjoy finding "stuffed" in their stocking.  Once they've completed and checked their list, they rewrite the final draft on their stocking.

For the other writing prompt, students gather in groups of 3-4 and exchange their stockings with each other. Everyone in the group "stuffs" a Christmas compliment into their classmates' stockings, by writing something nice about that person.  Encourage the use of adjectives.  Completed projects make a nice, self-esteem building, December bulletin board.

cover stuff itThis activity will be FREE for an entire year!  Woo hoo. 

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