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Venn diagrams are a quick, easy and interesting way to introduce and practice comparison and contrast writing.  I designed Venn Friends, as an especially fun way to do that.  These are also a great way for you and your students to get to know each other better. 

Unlike the other monthly Venn Friends, I have more than one option for November.  Students have 3 choices for their Venn friend topper: a turkey, a Pilgrim boy or girl, or a Native American boy or girl. 

You can have a turkey find a turkey partner, a boy Pilgrim find a girl Pilgrim, or a boy Native American find a boy Pilgrim, mixing and matching however you or your students wish.  

As a way to get to know each other, I've included a list of questions they can ask their partner.  From there, they choose what information they want to record on their Venn diagram.  Each student does their own "different" portion of the circle, and then, once they glue their circles together, they take turns recording the similarities that they have with their Venn friend in the middle "same" section.

I designed the Venn friends, specifically so students could get to know a classmate better, but you could certainly have students pretend to be "real" Pilgrims and Native American children and then compare and contrast that way as well. However, I do that sort of thing in the Thanksgiving Children's Packet with other Venn diagrams.

cover fall venn friendsTo help students complete their Venn diagram and jumpstart the writing process, I've included a list of 40 questions they can choose to discuss with their partner.

This activity will be FREE for an entire year! Woo hoo.  After which time, it will be up-dated & put in my whopping 51-page Fall Venn Friends packet in my TpT shop.  For your convenience, I've included a PREVIEW here.

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