Fire Safety Common Core Puppy Packet


 54 pages.

You can cover all sorts of Common Core State Standards with this cute Dalmatian Fire Safety Puppy Packet.  The packet includes patterns to make 4 Dalmatian matching games: (upper & lowercase letters, numbers, shapes and colors). Students put a fireman's hat on the Dalmatian, then find the matching bone to put in his mouth.  i.e. The hats have uppercase letters on them, the bones have the matching lowercase letters. I've also included a spotless dog for you to program for other things, as well as a black and white spotted puppy so students can color it. (Use for writing prompts etc.)

 There are also 16 "I Spy" worksheets for extra practice and whole group assessing, upper and lowercase letters, numbers, number words, colors, color words, shapes, and shape words.

cover Dotty the CC Dalmatian5 trace and write worksheets to practice writing upper and lowercase letters, plus numbers from 1-100.

Since so many fire safety rules begin with a contraction like "Don't play with matches." I've included Dalmatian-themed contraction action activities: an alphabetical list of 72 contractions, 24 pocket cards with fire-safety sentences using contractions, plus 3 contraction worksheets.

This packet will be FREE for an entire year! Woo hoo.  After which time it will be up-dated and put in my whopping 90-page Common Core Dotty the Dalmatian Fire Dog Packet.


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