Common Core Scarecrows


 57 pages.

This fun scarecrow craft is very versatile.  I've included "patches" for a variety of standards: Upper and lowercase letters, vowels, blends, beginning sounds, matching words with pictures, numbers 0-30, odd and even, shapes, colors, contractions, compound words, CVC words, and rhyming words. 

Choose whichever one you want to work on.  Students make their scarecrow and then trim and glue on the appropriate patches. The jumbo, 184-page comon core scarecrow packet, also includes worksheets, posters, pocket chart cards, and games too. 

common core scarecrowThis "craftivity portion" will be FREE for an entire year!  After that, you can purchase it for only $5.95 in my TpT shop.  Thanks much for stopping by.

For extra practice, when everyone is done, play an "I Spy" game and give students a piece of candy corn to use as a manipulative.  I've also included blank patches for you to fill in with whatever, plus ideas and templates to use the number, letter and shape scarecrows for a matching game.

 To make this extra special, fold a sheet of white construction paper, have students trace their hand and then cut once, to get two hand prints for their scarecrow's "gloves".  I ran yellow construction paper through a shredder to make the "hair".  For more fine motor practice, cut yellow rectangles with a paper cutter.  Have students snip the bottom portion and glue the "hay" to the back of the scarecrow's pant legs, then crumple.

The following scarecrows are wonderful for vocabulary building and Daily 5 word work: Compound words, contractions, CVC words starting with S, 3-letter words starting with S,  words with the SC blend, and simple words starting with S (picture patches), plus words that rhyme with scare and crow.

I've also included the following alphabetical word lists: 56 words that rhyme with scare; 274 words that rhyme with crow; 50 words with the SC blend, 72 contractions, 31 simple nouns that begin with S (with matching pictures) and a link to my list of over 3,000 compound words.

Have your scarecrows do double duty and use the backside to cover another standard.  i.e. uppercase letters on the front and lowercase letters on the back.  

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