Constitution Day Vocabulary Packet


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If your school has to fulfill the Constitution Day educational requirement, you'll enjoy this vocabulary-building packet.  There is a lot of vocabulary that goes along with explaining the Constitution. Many of these words are new to your students.  There are 42 Constitution-related word cards in this packet, with matching definition cards. 

Choose the ones that are appropriate for your grade level.  Use them in a pocket chart or as flashcards to explain words and give definitions, then post them by your word wall.  Make an extra set and use as an independent center.

You can also play all sorts of games with the cards, like Memory Match and "I Have; Who Has?"  Hold up a card and ask students to read it.  Who is familiar with this word? Can anyone give a definition? 

Place the cards in separate baskets. Have students choose a card and give the definition, or choose a definition card and give the word.  Students can work with a partner and alphabetize some cards, or play "Speed" against each other to see who can alphabetize their set first. Use the cards for Daily 5 word work. Choose several cards for students to use in a sentence or think of synonyms for. 

I've included a cover so students can make a Constitution Vocabulary Dictionary. 

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