Leaf Counting From 0 to 10 Poster


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Use this anchor chart, fall leaf poster, as an assessment tool.  Point to each of the numbered leaves in random order.  Have students tell you what number that is.  Likewise, ask them "Where's the number 5?"

After they have successfully passed the assessment, to help build students' self-esteem, give each one a "paper pride" note to take home.  Have children write their name in the blank space. 

When you are done with assessments, hang the poster on the wall.  A fun way to review, is to cover a number and ask children "What numbered leaf is missing?"  I also like to use anchor charts for "flashlight fun."  Turn off the lights and give a quiet child the flashlight.  Choose another student to call out a number.  The child holding the flashlight shines the light on the appropriate number and then chooses another child to hold the flashlight. 

I often did this with our alphabet border, as well as shapes.  My kiddos begged for this activity and it was such a quick, easy and fun way to practice.

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