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I designed the folder flip files, as a way to introduce early elementary students to doing research and putting facts that they find interesting into their own words.  These are a great precursor to reports that they'll later be writing.

To make one, run off the Flip for Facts apple cover.  Students glue it to the front of a file folder and cut on the lines.  There's a blank page with 8 spaces for 8 apple facts. Students research  apples online and write factual information in each of the spaces.  Children should use at least 3 sources and then cite them on the back or at the top as I have done in the sample.  Two pages of how to's for correct citations are included, as well as helpful links; plus a page of filled-in facts, so that you can easily make an example to share.

If you'd like to add a bit more interest, there's an additional small-medium-large apple trace and color page, that can go on the left side of the inside of the file folder. If you'd simply like to give younger students the factual information, be sure and download the 125 apple facts. 

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