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This packet is an interesting and fun way to build students' vocabularies, reinforce verb usage, synonyms, and dictionary alphabetizing skills. Great for Daily 5 or a game students can play with a substitute teacher, or when you have a few extra minutes in your day.The packet includes an action verb of the day poster, a cover for a student action verb dictionary, an alphabetical list of 172 action verbs, plus 172 mini action verb cards

Put a new verb on the poster each day.  Students can define it, use it in a sentence, add it to their dictionary and give as many synonyms for that verb as they can think of.  You could also ask them if this verb is ever used as a noun.

To play the Charades game, toss the cards into a container.  Gather the students in a circle and have them choose a card.  They have 30 seconds to act out the verb.  You decide on the rules if they can use props or a partner.

To keep the game fresh, challenge students to solve as many word cards as they can in a designated amount of time.  Keep track of their highest score to see if they can beat it each time you play the game. 

cover verb actionThis packet will be FREE for an entire year!  Woo hoo.

After which time it will be up-dated and put in my TpT shop.

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