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Get organized and make life easier with a book hospital basket When students are reading a book from your classroom library and discover that it needs some repair work to avoid further damage, have them fill out an Rx form of what's wrong with the book and how you can fix it. They tuck the note on the page that needs repair, so that the end sticks out and then drop the book in the "hospital" basket.  

cover book hospitalThis is a great job to delegate to a room helper. Things are expedited because they don't have to go through and check all of your books for any year-end damage, or try and figure out what's wrong with the ones in the basket. 

There are two on a page for easy printing, so why not make one for a fellow teacher or your librarian, as a "Hope you have a great year!" surprise.  This is a special FREEBIE in my TpT store.  Click on the link to grab this easy, classroom management activity.

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