Large Upper & Lowercase Letter Poster Packet


 37 pages.

There are lots of things you can do with these large upper & lowercase letter posters:  Use them as anchor charts, flashcards, Play-doh mats, letter collages, or run them off on a variety of colors of construction paper; laminate and cut them out to make an alphabet border.

You can also make a class book.  Run the letter posters off on white construction paper.  Scatter the letters face down on the floor.  Have each child pick one up.  That letter poster will be the page that they will work on for the class book.

Students draw things and write words that start with that letter, inside the letter.  They can also use clip art, stickers, pictures cut from magazines etc.  After students share their letter, collect and collate the pages into a class book

I've included two covers to choose from. To make things even more personal, print a copy of your school group photo and trim the pictures, so that students can glue them on the appropriate letters. 

Packet includes a completed sample page, plus a tip list of other ideas for using the cards, including the Kaboom game.

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