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This is a take off of Dr. Seuss's book On Beyond Zebra, which is about all of the letters that come after Z.  In the beginning of the story, Cornelius is bragging that he knows all of the letters from A to Z. He's shocked to find out that there are more!  

"Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor, when I picked up some chalk and drew one letter more. A letter he never had dreamed of before..."  like the letter Snee, which is for "...sneedle, a terrible kind of ferocious mos-keedle.  Whose hum-dinger stinger is as sharp as a needle. "

All of these goofy letters have a name and symbol.   I thought it would be fun to make a class book of all of the pretend letters that might possibly come before the letter A.

Run off copies of the inside page and have students think up a letter, design it, and then give an example of something that starts with that letter,  finishing up with an illustration.  After students share their work, collect the pages, collate and make into a class book.

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