Olympic Writing Activities Packet


18 pages.

There are a variety of writing activities in this packet with an Olympic theme.

The packet includes:

  • An Olympic KWL
  • Olympic acrostic poem template
  • 4 Olympic parts of speech graphic organizers that will reinforce the use and differences of nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • An Olympic Venn diagram comparing the ancient Olympic games with our contemporary events.
  • An Olympic Flip For Facts file folder activity.  I designed the folder flip files, as a way to introduce early elementary students to doing research and putting facts that they find interesting into their own words.  These are a great precursor to reports that they'll later be writing. 
  • Run off the Olympics cover.  Students glue it to the front of a file folder and cut on the lines.  There's a blank page with 8 spaces for 8 Olympic facts. Students research the Olympics online and write factual information in each of the spaces.  Children should use at least 3 sources and then cite them on the back.  I've included how to's for correct citations, as well as helpful links, plus a page of filled-in facts so that you can easily make an example to share.
  • There's also a class book that is made up of three Olympic writing prompts.  Students can choose one, or assign all of them on 3 different days. A cover is included.

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