Gingerbread On The Loose Writing Packet


 10 pages.

I LOVED designing this gingerbread writing and activity packet and hope you have oodles of fun with your kiddo's doing these interesting activities. 

Before hand, put up the wanted posters in your room.  Run off the masters and put the notes, signs and clues in a variety of places in your school: cafeteria, library, office, gym etc.  Get your principal, secretary, cafeteria staff etc. in on your adventure and give them a clue card. 

After reading the story, tell your students that you are going on an adventure looking for the gingerbread man and to be on the lookout for clues of his where abouts. 

As you arrive at the various destinations have adults say something like: "Oh no! You just missed him, but he left this clue!"  or "I think I spotted him over by that shelf."  (A clue card in on the shelf.) 

cover ginger on the runAfter you make the rounds, return to your classroom to find a note on your door that the gingerbread man had been there.  While you are gone, have a helper set up gingerbread or cookie treats for your kiddo's snack, and read the note(s) that he left. 

I've also included a class book where students can write a page of the adventure.  There are templates for students to do this separately or in groups.  They can draw pictures or take a photograph.  There's also a graphic organizer where students name their gingerbread man, draw and describe him.

This packet will be FREE for an entire year!  Woo hoo. 

After which time, it will be up-dated and put in my TpT shop.  Click on the link to zip on over to see the new, 25-page Gingerbread on the Run Packet.

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