Let's Count Pumpkins


14 pages.

Cover quite a few Common Core State Standards with this Pumpkin Math Packet, which includes an easy reader where students read, trace and write the numbers, + circle them in a sequence.  Children circle capital letters, add end punctuation to the simple sentences, + count the pumpkins in the group/set and color the puffy numbers as well.

The packet also includes trace and write worksheets for counting from 0 to 120, + skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's. There are 2 sets of pumpkin number cards to use for sequencing, games, and making equations using the matching math symbol cards.   You can practice counting forwards and backwards with the pumpkin bookmark.  Students trace the numbers.  Use this as a whole-group assessment tool too.  Give each child a bookmark and a candy pumpkin.  Teacher calls out a number and students put their pumpkin on that number.   You can tell at a glance who is struggling and make a note of it.  As a special treat, students can eat their pumpkin when the lesson is over.

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