Cent-sational Penguins Easy Reader


13 pages.
Common Core State Standards: RF.K3c, L.K.2a, L.K.2b, L.1.2b, RF.1.1a, 1.OA.5, RF.K.3a, RI.K.7, RI.K.10
A fun way to review coins with your students.

Students trace and write the coin word and its value. They also circle the capital letters, add end punctuation, as well as color, cut and glue the matching coins.

There are additional writing opportunities, as students think of alliterative nouns and verbs to complete the last sentences.

The packet includes:

  • The Easy Reader booklet: Cent-sational Penguins
  • 3 worksheets about coins
  • A graphing extension +
  • A certificate of praise


Additional Info

  • SKU: TWM1318

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