Old MacDonald Had Some Vowels


7 pages.
Common Core State Standards:
RF.K1a, RF.K1b, RF.K1c, RF.K3b, RF.K3c, RL.K.10

Because children are familiar with the tune of Old MacDonald, this booklet is a fun way to reinforce long and short vowels.

Students are able to read the repetitious simple sentences, because they are filled with common Dolch sight words.

The pictures help them guess the new words that begin with the long or short vowel sound that they repeat to the tune of Old MacDonald. Cutting and gluing a matching picture helps them practice much-needed fine motor skills.

Instead of the familiar E-I-E-I-O of the old favorite, children are learning all of their vowels by repeating them through out the story-song: A-E-I-O-U.  Animals and songs are favorites with children; combine them, and you have a winning combination for learning!


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