Owl Counting Cards


21 pages.
Make counting extra fun with these adorable owls.
Clip art by Laura Strickland.

There's a cover for Counting up to 100 (kindergarten standard) as well as Counting up to 120 (1st grade standard) so your students can sequence the owls and collate them into a mini Booklet of KnOWLedge.

Have students sort the cards into odd and even piles.

Give two children an owl. Ask the class: "Whoooooooo has the numbered owl that is greater than?" Pass out two more owls and choose two more children and ask: "Whooooo has the numbered owl that is less than?" Play until everyone has had a turn.

If you have an owl theme for your room, put an owl up each day, as you count up to 100 Day!



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