We're Goin' On A Bear Hunt Punctuation Activity


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Common Core State Standard:Common Core State Standard:RF.1.1
Students will enjoy Goin' on a bear hunt to look for these 12 bear sentence cards that are missing a capital letter and end punctuation.

  • Laminate your cards.
  • Decide which 10 you want to use for the bear hunt and number them with a dry erase marker. If you use a permanent marker, a Mr. Clean Eraser will wipe off the numbers.
  • Put a magnet on the back of each card unless you are going to use a pocket chart.
  • Sprinkle the cards around the room. Students find them and put them on the white board or in your pocket chart in 1-10 order, so that they can rewrite the sentences on their recording sheet, putting in a beginning capital letter, and the appropriate punctuation.
  • Before students take their seats and work on their own papers, read the cards as a whole group, adding inflection so that students can determine where an exclamation mark goes,
  • Have students gather in front of the board and have them take turns  filling in the correct answers with a red dry erase marker. 
  • A nice "get the wiggles out" activity to do afterwards, is to play "Goin On A Bear Hunt." and have students go through the motions.
  • Later, you can use different sentences and use the recording sheets as an assessment.
  • This packet includes a certificate of praise.


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