ABC Bookmark and Assessment Tool


3 pages. Common Core State Standard assessment tool for RF.K1d and L.1.1a

Upper and lowercase bookmarks.
Give these to your students to help them learn the alphabet, by tracing the letters and keeping their bookmark handy as a reference tool.

Students can make 2 different bookmarks, or glue them back-to-back.  Mount on construction paper, and laminate them after they are done.  To add a bit more pizzazz punch a cut out in the bottom or glue on their school photo.

Reinforce vowels and have students circle all of the vowels or  trace the vowels in a different color.

Later, use a copy of this as a fun and friendly assessment tool!

Simply have your students trace the letter as you ask for it. When they do, if it is incorrect, circle it, and then jot down what letter they said it was, inside your circle.

Write the number wrong at the top and date it! Staple the strips together, keeping the most current one on top, 'til they have all of them correct.


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