Booklet: The Monster's Head


23 pages.
Your students will really enjoy these cute little shape monsters. Children not only learn/review the basic shapes but numbers and colors as they draw eyes and outline the creepy creatures.


  • Booklet where students read, trace, write, draw, count and color. The booklet covers the basic shapes, numbers 1-5, as well as the colors red, orange, yellow, green and purple.
  • 71-word-shape-color and number flashcards
  • Cover cards for each of the categories so that your students can cut and sequence their cards and make Itty Bitty Books.  You can also use the cards for Memory Match games, or put up on your word wall.
  • 4 skill sheets
  • A shape poster and
  • A certificate of praise

This booklet would be a nice transition activity after you've read Go Away Big Green Monster, or Sad Monster Glad Monster.  If you use it as a transition with "Go Away..." After your students have drawn their monsters, graph what colors they made their monster.  How many were green like the monster in the book?  If you do the booklet as an extension of "Sad Monster..." ask your students if their monster is sad or happy, glad or mad etc and then graph the results.



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