Take Action With Contractions Help Book


69 pages. Wow! Help is on the way with those nutty contractions. A nice variety of fun activities for your little "squirrels".

The packet includes:

  • A "feed the squirrel" review game, with 64 mini contraction feeding cards.
  • 136 traceable flashcards, with every contraction I could think of, from aren't to you've!
  • A tip list of how to use them and what else you can do with them including several games.
  • Fun skill sheets including matching and alphabetical ordering,
  • An "I'm nutty over contractions" acorn game with 63 acorn "puzzle" cards,
  • A blank set for you to program and a tip sheet of other games and skill sheets you can design with this template.
  • A squirrel and acorn contraction matching game
  • An adorable booklet for your students to make entitled: Contraction Stew. They'll read, trace the contraction, and then write the words.
  • Also includes a teacher's edition with a large stew pot and 34 cards to add to the  pot to make the story interactive + a blank set of cards to program with additional words.
  • Review a list of 49 contractions in a fun Echo Chant
  • + a certificate of praise when your little "squirrels" have mastered learning all there is to know about this "nutty" topic!



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