Booklet:The Farmer In October


28 pages.
Your students will enjoy this delightful tale that teaches a variety of skills to the favorite tune of Farmer In The Dell.

  • Includes a full-size teacher's edition,
  • manipulatives to laminate so your story can be interactive,
  • a skill-sheet student booklet where your children read, trace, write then cut and glue the story together,
  • +  challenge word tracing flashcards so they can practice new words or cut them out and put them with other  flashcards to make additional sentences.
  • Also includes a tally sheet of their favorite vegetable "character" so you can graph the results for a nice math extension. 
  • Wow! What a lot of skills all covered in this fun little booklet. 
  • After everyone is done, gather your students in a circle and sing Farmer in October and let them all have a turn being a vegetable in the middle.
  • Happy Harvest to you! 

Additional Info

  • SKU: TWM67

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