Alpha-bits ABC Itty Bitty Books


73 pages.
Common Core State Standard for RF.K1d and L.1.1a also Common Core Sate Standard RF:K3c

Includes assessments for upper & lowercase letters too.

Alpha-bits are a bite-sized way to teach all sorts of important skills in an easy-to-understand fun way.
You will LOVE the versatility of teaching with these!

  • Your students will delight in making Itty Bitty Books.
  • They're the perfect size for little hands!
  • Letters make up words and words make up sentences and they all make up an Itty Bitty Book!
  • This is a great way to build a child's self-esteem on their road to reading.
  • Start by making individual Itty Bitty Letter Books then move on to making sentence booklets.
  • You can also use the cards as flashcards, tracing cards or game cards. They have multiple uses. 
  • 26 individual letter skill sheets along with sentence skill sheets for writing and reading fluency are included.
  • + a progress certificate, certificate of completion and 4 assessment tools. 
  • Complete directions and patterns for making 26 individual Itty Bitty Letter Books and unlimited sentence books with alphabet & sight word cards + matching alphabet picture cards.
  • What an exciting way to turn that "light bulb on" and learn bit--by--bit!

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