Monthly Upper & Lowercase Alphabet Helper Strips


35 pages.   Common Core State Standard RF:K1d and L.1.1a

An upper and lowercase alphabet strip for September - June, to help students with the sequence of letters on their skill sheets.

  • Keep a sheet whole and laminate it to use as a seasonal poster.
  • Cut one into strips, glue together and laminate. Display on the board as a sample for your students.
  • Students can look at their strips when they are doing ABC skill sheets.
  • Children can refer to their strip and point to the letters when they spell their name, word wall words, spelling words etc.
  • Use them to point to letters as you sing the ABC song.
  • Use the strips to play "I Spy a Letter." Give them a paper clip. Call out a letter and have them put the paper clip on the letter and raise their hand. That child gets to pick a letter to spy.
  • When you are done using the strip, or after your students have made their strip,  have them use their fine motor skills to twirl it around their pencil so that they can easily transport and save their monthly strips.  When they need to look at them, they simply unscroll them to review their alphabet.  My students have nic-named their strips "ABC Twirlies"

     I have given you extra September and October "What's Missing?" skill sheets to show you ways to use them. . Each month has a BLANK page so that you can fill in whatever letters you want. Each one can be all upper or lower case, a row of each, an alternate pattern of filled and missing or a lot of missing letters.  You can also use this as an end of the month assessment tool and put the letter A in the 1st piece of art and Z in the last and have the children fill in the rest of the letters. Keep all of their monthly assessments and compare how they are doing for a nice conference tool.

     These strips make a nice plug in for a substitute, a great fill-in for when students are done early, a nice take-home assignment to do with parents.





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