ABC-123 PU Skunks!


40 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d
Yes skunks are normally stinky, but the PU here stands for Pick Up!
Run off the master, cut apart the cards and make a game that your students will enjoy playing while they learn!

Here's how: Flip over a skunk and see if your partner can recognize the upper or lowercase letter, or number. If they do, yell PU; and they get to pick up the card! 
Make a set for each child to take home.

The cute skunk cards also double as flashcards ; or you can make the "Trace Me" set into a booklet for your students to practice their writing skills with.

There's also a dotted set of number cards for little learners to enjoy as well as a blank set for you to use for anything else you can think of.


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