8 pages. A delightful way for children to learn the 6 shapes and things that are shaped like that.
11 pages. A terrific way to review numbers, counting, sequencing and addition to a favorite tune. Sing the song backwards and explore subtraction. Children trace and write numbers as well as number-words. Reinforce concepts of print by reading the b
97 pages of lessons that go "round and round" with fun! Includes 5 art activities.
11 pages. A sing along to reinforce writing, counting, sequencing and number recognition. Children trace then write the number as well as the number-word.
87 pages of "dino-mite" lessons for your students to roar about!
60 pages. Additional "dino-mite" activities for your students to sink their teeth into!

104 pages that will color your classroom with creativity! Includes 3 art activities that incorporate report card standards.

9 pages The aliens help you teach and review shapes and colors in a humorous story that is out of this world!
7 pages Reinforce number: writing, tracing, sequencing, counting as well as cutting, pasting listening & following direction skills.
11 pages. Reinforce number: recognition, writing, tracing, counting, and sequencing as well as listening and following direction skills.
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