10 pages. This naughty bat ventured into Spooky Hollow, and now his shape is all messed up! Can you help him get his correct oval shape back?
11 pages. What a "bat-tastic" way to review counting addition/subtraction (sing backwards too!) as well as practice writing and sequencing numbers to a favorite tune. Children trace then write the number as well as the number word. To review concept
101 pages of lessons you will go "batty" over!
All aboard for 66 pages of fun-filled train activities! Here's a sampling for you to chuga-chuga-choose from.
6 pages. Children enjoy learning about spatial directions as they practice their fine motor skills drawing a railroad track to the appropriate position on the page.
7 pages. Children enjoy practicing their writing and subtraction skills doing these simple math equations while X-ing off a train as they go. Can you solve the mystery?
8 pages. A delightful way for children to learn the 6 shapes and things that are shaped like that.
11 pages. A terrific way to review numbers, counting, sequencing and addition to a favorite tune. Sing the song backwards and explore subtraction. Children trace and write numbers as well as number-words. Reinforce concepts of print by reading the b
97 pages of lessons that go "round and round" with fun! Includes 5 art activities.
11 pages. A sing along to reinforce writing, counting, sequencing and number recognition. Children trace then write the number as well as the number-word.
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