6 pages.

Learn about the spiral shape and give your kiddo's wonderful fine-motor cutting practice, with this quick and easy "craftivity." A left and right spiral is included for easier cutting for "lefties". Completed projects look awesome dangling from the ceiling.

11 pages.  Common Core State Standard: K.MD.1, K.MD.2, 1.MD.4

Help students practice measurement, by using apples and pumpkins. You can run this packet off as an entire booklet, or use one worksheet each day during your math or science block.  I have pages where students measure with blocks, and others where students measure with a real scale and a yardstick.

10 pages.

Help students practice counting, graphing, colors, identifying shapes, and addition + listening and following directions, with these 4 worksheets. Afterwards, have children analyze their graph, by asking them the questions from the discussion sheet. This is a special fall FREEBIE in my TpT shop.

13 pages. Common Core State Standard: 1.MD.4, RF.K.1d, L.1.1a

Help students practice letter recognition with these fun search and find "craftivities."  Children choose a fall template, trace it, cut it out and then search for upper and lowercase letters that begin with that particular shape: i.e. a child who chooses an apple, will look for Aa's. They circle and count the letters as they go.  The matching worksheet, has a child predict how many letters they think they will find.  Later, they fill in the rest of the data.  Two graphing extensions are also included.

22 pages.
This is a quick, easy and fun way to have your students practice their writing skils and cover quite a few Common Core Standards.  Includes a page for the 1st day of school,  + a writing prompt for each month, and culminates with a page for the entire year.  Great for Daily 5 and to share with parents at conferences, to show improvement.  Completed projects make an awesome keepsake.

5 pages.

Glyphs are a quick, easy and fun way to show if students are listening and following directions.  Students enjoy them, and they are an interesting way to get to know your students.  Extend the activity, by hiding the names, and giving each child someone elses glyph, to find out whose it is, via interveiwing.  Your students are then practicing problem-solution, collecting and analyzing data and then coming to a conclusion of whose glyph they have.

3 pages.

Help reinforce number word recognition, with this quick and easy apple matching game.  Print, laminate and trim.  Students pinch a clothespin to the number that matches the number word on the apple.  This is a great fine motor skill.  So that students can self-check their work, mark an X on the correct answer on the back of the card.

1 page.

Children love hearing and telling jokes even if they are a little corny.  Using a yellow marker, highlight your favorite apple jokes and share 1 or 2, with your students each day, during your apple studies.  Challenge them to retell it to their families.  This is quick, easy and fun practice, as a predecessor for later being able to retell a story.

2 pages.

Help reinforce number recognition, counting, colors, color words and patterning, with this quick and easy "Stack 'Em Up" apple game.

15 pages.

Here's a list of 125 interesting apple facts.  I gathered this information by reading a lot of different apple Internet sites and learned a few new things!  Hope you do too.  Using a yellow marker, highlight whatever facts you want to share with your students. After reading your list, test comprehension by asking children to choose 1,3,or 5 facts that they found most interesting and write them on their apple journaling page.

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