9 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.3c This easy reader incorporates 10 kindergarten sight words.

15 pages. Your students will enjoy writing what they learned each month in this adorable booklet sure to become a cherished keepsake!

30 pages. This little booklet might be just the thing you're looking for to help your little ones understand the importance of keeping their hands to themselves!
8 pages. This is a quick artsy project you can do with your students each month that makes a wonderful keepsake.
14 pages. Helpful notes and forms for back-to-school!

6 pages. A fun way to give parents information about your school and classroom.

6 pages. Children trace and read the sentences as they learn a bit about apples.
13 pages. Children practice a variety of skills in various subjects in these fun to read booklets.
8 pages. Can your students guess where those crazy monkeys have gone? Give them 2 choices then graph the results as an extra math extension!
10 pages. Your students will go coco-nuts over spatial directions with this fun little booklet.
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