14 pages. Sign language is a great fine motor skill to teach young children. Students will enjoy making an alphabet book as well as learning how to spell their name and making a matching booklet too.

24 pages. Everything you need to do Question Of The Day. Includes a graph, clipboard tallies, posters, yes-no header cards, 450 yes or no questions, + directions and ideas of how to implement a QOTD for your classroom.

32 pages. An assortment of ideas, games, activities, and a bibliography for Constitution Day.

36 pages Fun activities for Constitution Day that make learning about this treasured document easy to understand and a breeze to implement!

171 pages. Wow! This unit has a little bit of everything that your students will enjoy working on, as they count up to their 100th day, celebrating along the way with Zero the Hero and Zippy.

49 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d A fun and fair way to pick a partner, at the same time reviewing upper and lowercase letters, numbers 0-10, and shapes.  This packet will be free for an entire year, after which, Pear Pairs will be up-dated and put in Diane's Dollar Deals in my TpT shop.

66 pages. This packet contains a wonderful assortment of cute behavior charts and notes, + self-esteem building and motivational ideas, to help modify behavior, while making your life easier and more organized.

49 pages. This book covers the history of our flag, information about the flag,and includes links, articles, art projects, skill sheets and writing activities.

11 pages. These 7 poster FREEBIES are part of my jumbo "Taking The Confusion Out Of b & d Packet" in my TpT shop.

6 pages. This is an easy and fun way to learn more about your students. Send the note and supplies home the first day of school, or include in your Open House Packet and have students bring their completed bags the first day.

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