16 pages.

These games are a wonderful way to practice life skills, as well as a variety of math standards.

3 pages.

Help reinforce number word recognition, with this quick and easy pumpkin matching game.  Print, laminate and trim.  Students pinch a clothespin to the number that matches the number word on the pumpkin.  This is a great fine motor skill.  So that students can self-check their work, mark an X on the correct answer on the back of the card.

25 pages.

Use these versatile pumpkin-themed number cards, in a variety of ways: pocket cards, a number line, games: "I Have; Who Has?" and Memory Match. Make up equations, show greater and less than etc.

23 pages.

The Counting Pumpkins packet, will help reinforce number recognition, counting from 1-120, counting from any number to whatever, and skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's. It includes pumpkin anchor charts + "What's Missing?" worksheets.

16 pages.

Reinforce number recognition, counting, ordinal numbers, sequencing, subitizing, listening and following directions, as well as a variety of life skills, while children enjoy playing these 7 quick and easy pumpkin math games.

5 pages.

Reinforce your 2D-flat shapes, with this 1- to -1 correspondence game.  Students place their shape tile on the matching  pumpkin.  Make extra sets to play a Memory Match game, or "I Have; Who Has?"   Also includes a blank set of pumpkins for you to program with whatever.

27 pages.

Help reinforce number (1-10) recognition, sequencing, and skip counting by 10's, as students use fine motor skills and advanced thinking, to put the numbered fall puzzles together.  You can also use the puzzles to make an autumn flip and find booklet. (See photo.) There are 12 different puzzles, with numbers 1-10, as well as 12 matching puzzles, with skip-counted numbers by 10's.

8 pages. Common Core State Standards: RF.K.1d, L.1.1a

This pumpkin-alphabet matching game is inexpensive to make, as they sell clip-on clothespins at The Dollar Store. This FREEBIE is part of my jumbo Alphabet Wheels Activity Packet.   For your convenience, I've included a preview.

3 pages.

Help students easily grasp comparison and contrast by making a Venn Diagram for an apple and a pumpkin.  Includes a completed version as well as one for students to fill in.

12 pages.

Quick, easy and effective way to teach/review ordinal numbers along with patterning.  Students number the items and color the themed-object in an ABAB or ABCABC pattern. They also draw lines from the ordinal number word, to the matching object in line.

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