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7 pages. Help students understand the -eep & -eap endings easily, with this "hands on" Sheep Slider. Also includes a sheep rhyming-word skill sheet, where students trace and write the words in alphabetical order, plus traceable rhyming word cards with a
53 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d This packet has a little bit of everything in it with a jellybean theme. Your students will enjoy reviewing standards while using jellybeans as manipulatives.
1 page. Put this poster up when you're studying the letter Kk or for your March kite themed activities. Also includes words that rhyme with kite so this is a nice addition to your word wall as well.
7 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d A fun activity to reinforce CVC and word wall words. Great for a writing center or Daily 5. Empowers students and frees up the teacher.
14 pages. Common Core State Standard: RF.K.2d Your students will enjoy putting shamrocks together to make CVC words beginning with the letter L for leprechaun!

16 pages. A hands-on way for students to learn the sh blend. 56 words that have either a beginning or ending sh sound. Choose which strips you want to work on. Includes 56 traceable word cards, a cover to turn them into an Itty Bitty booklet, tips of wha

16 pages. A fun way to help students learn blends. Includes a game board,42 word + blend shamrocks, 24 shamrocks with just a blend on them, a blank sheet of shamrocks to make your own templates, + 2 certificates of praise.
10 pages. A wonderful game for March, that will help reinforce letters, numbers and shapes, including 3-D ones. Print off the cards, laminate, cut out and toss into a leprechaun hat. Children sing the song and pass the hat each taking a card and revea

29 pages. Common Core State Standard RI.K1d 168 traceable flashcards for upper and lowercase letters that make great Memory Match games. Skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's + counting by 1's to 30.

31 pages. Includes traceable ABC posters that can be turned into a "My ABC Booklet" + an ABC sound song.
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