Teaching Less Than And Greater Than: Back-To-School Tip #28


Chomper, the Alligator Alligobbler To The Rescue!

Less than and greater than can be confusing symbols to a young child.  Make it fun and easy to understand with Chomper my alligator-alligobbler.

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  • Buy a pack of self-seal long green envelopes.
  • Children peel and stick the envelope shut.
  • Make a V-template.
  • teaching greater than and less than, teaching more than and less than, math games, fun math activities, alligators, Using the V-template, students trace the V and then cut it out.
  • To expedite things, this can be pre-done for young children
  • Run off the “jaws” of Chomper on several sheets of white cardstock.
  • Students carefully cut the upper and lower jaws out.
  • Using a glue stick, children run a stripe along the top V of the envelope-mouth of the alligator and then press on the top row of teeth.
  • They do the same thing for the bottom row.
  • Students cut out the half circle of Chomper’s eye and glue it to the top of the “head”.
  • Give students a large wiggle eye and a thick glue dot.
  • Students glue the wiggle eye on top of the green ½-circle “orb”.
  • Run off a set of “Alligobbler” labels and give each student a sticker to place on the back of their Chomper.
  • Students write their name above the label in plural-possessive form.
  • Run off a set of number tiles in different colors.
  • Each student needs two sets so that they can play at home.
  • Children cut out their tiles.
Click on the link to view/print Chomper the Alligobbler directions and patterns.

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  • When children face a partner and they look at the opposite alligator, it will be a “less than” alligator.  They will have a “more than” alligator.
  • Children stack one set of colored cards making sure that it is not the same color as their opponent.
  •  Students place the cards face down.
  • Decide who goes first.
  •  Both children flip over a number card.
  • If it is child A’s turn, she looks at the two numbers and decides which is more than and takes that number, saying the equation: “5 is more than 3.”
  • The other child takes the 3.
  • Now it is child B’s turn.
  • Both children flip a number.
  • Child B is looking at her alligobbler which is also “more than” to her,  so she will take the greatest number.
  • If she’d like to take a smaller number, she can flip her alligobbler over so she is looking at a “less than” symbol “mouth and say that equation and take that number.
  • Play ends when all of the numbers are gone.
  • Children spill the number tiles Chomper has eaten, back onto the table and sort them by color, giving each other their own cards back.

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