This Week's Winners of the Back-To-School Bracelet Contest


Drum Roll Please...

drum, winners of the back to school button bracelet contest, button bracelets, Yes you read the title correctly.  There is more than one winner this week!

 I decided since it's our first contest, and I love giving stuff away, that I'd pick a winner from several different categories. 

I tossed all the new subscribers into a bowl and chose a name, all of the people who purchased something this week went into the bowl next, and finally all the people who commented or shared a tip this week were in the final drawing.

If you were counting, you discovered that I am sending out 3 bracelets. 

Here are the winners names:

Doreen a New York 1st grade teacher, is our "Subscription" winner, Dana, a New Jersey kindergarten teacher, is our "Purchased a Product" winner, and Donna is our "Posted a Comment" winner. 

I thought it was pretty interesting that all the winners' names started with the initial D like mine! 

winners of the button bracelet contest, button braceletsCongratulations to all of you!

If you didn't win this week, your name is still in my pile and will remain there for the remainder of the contest, but continue to enter as many times as you want. 

Click on the link for complete CONTEST details. 

I will run the contest through the last week of August.  Next week's winner will be announced Monday the 8th instead of Friday the 5th.  

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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