4 Seasons Activities Part 3


1-2-3 Come Do Some 4 Seasons Activities With Me #3

cov 4 seasons puzzle fun Page 1 2"4 Seasons PUZZLE Fun"   is the 3rd packet in my "4 Seasons 4-Part Series". 

My Young 5 students really LOVE putting puzzles together.

I especially enjoy this quiet time activity, as they are practicing a variety of standards, while truly enjoying themselves. (On task & focused! Woo Hoo.)

With that in mind, I designed 5, different sets of puzzle activities, all of which can be turned into partner games as well.

Each set is based on the 4 seasons.

As always, I’ve included patterns in black & white for students to color, as well as colorful templates, so you can print on card stock, laminate & trim, then use for a seasonal puzzle center.

The packet includes these puzzle sets:

  1. “Complete the Seasonal Scene”
  2. “Out the Window: Peek & See”
  3. “The BIG 4”
  4. “Six-Piece Seasons on a Roll”
  5. 10-Piece “Spin to Win”

4 seasons games, 4 seasons crafts, 4 seasons activities, 4 seasons puzzles, 4 seasons centers1. If your students are like mine, they will enjoy the "Complete the Seasonal Scene" puzzles.

There is a 3-part puzzle for each of the 4 seasons.

Students color their worksheet, including the seasonal word, then draw something in each of the 2 scenes.

For example, if you look at my completed "Summer" picture, you'll see I've added a boy jumping into the pool and a beach ball to one of the scenes. I drew a happy sun in the other.

When children are done with their worksheet, they cut on the dashed lines, then glue to a colorful sheet of construction paper.

As you can see by my photo, it's up to children to decide how they want to glue on their pieces. The seasonal word can appear at the top, middle or bottom of their  scenes. 

4 seasons games, 4 seasons crafts, 4 seasons activities, 4 seasons puzzles, 4 seasons centers2. "Out the Window Peek & See" puzzles are also a lot of fun. There is one for each of the 4 seasons.

Students color the view out of their window, then cut on the dashed lines.

I've also included a different set of window scenes in color to use in a center.

To make these into a game, children pick a puzzle & a partner. They take turns rolling a dice.

  • If they roll a 1-4 they place the matching numbered picture on the puzzle base.
  • If they roll a 5 they lose their turn. If they roll a 6 they have to remove one of the pieces already placed on their puzzle base.
  • The 1st one to complete their puzzle is the winner.

4 seasons games, 4 seasons crafts, 4 seasons activities, 4 seasons puzzles, 4 seasons centers3."The Big 4" is my personal favorite.

I've included a colorful set of adorable bears dressed for each season.

Simply print on card stock, laminate & trim, to make a cute puzzle center.

Students can also use a dice, as explained above, to make this a game as well.

I used simpler graphics, for a black & white "Big 4" version, so students can easily color & make their own. 

4 seasons games, 4 seasons crafts, 4 seasons activities, 4 seasons puzzles, 4 seasons centers4."6-Piece Seasons On a Roll" is played as a game too. 

After students color the seasonal object & cut on the dashed lines, they pick a partner & take turns rolling the dice; only here, since there are 6 pieces, a roll of #5 or #6 is not a penalty. 

Students simply place that numbered piece on their puzzle grid/base. 

For simple coloring, there is only one, large graphic per picture.

4 seasons games, 4 seasons crafts, 4 seasons activities, 4 seasons puzzles, 4 seasons centers5. The final set of seasonal puzzles is called "Spin to Win".

They will help students practice their counting skills, as children can count by ones to 10, or skip count by 10s to 100, while they assemble these 10-piece puzzles.

As with the "Big 4" puzzles, I have made 2 different sets. The one in color is a more complicated seasonal scene, while the black & white ones depict a nice big graphic for little ones to color.

For added fun, the super-cute, BW version, has students draw a face on the child to depict if they like that season or not.

To make things more personal, I've included graphics featuring girls, and another set with boys.

To play the game, children pick a puzzle, partner & matching seasonal spinner; then take turns spinning, placing that numbered puzzle piece on the base. 

I use a paperclip, which is held in place by a pencil, for my spinner.

apple puzzlesSince this article highlights puzzles, I thought  a set of apple-themed, number puzzles would be appropriate for today's featured FREEBIE.

4 seasons activities, crafts, centers, games & puzzlesWell that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you a wonderful week, filled with giggles galore.

"When educating the minds of our youth, we  must not forget to educate their hearts as well." -Dhlai Lama

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