Keepsake Christmas Ornaments


1-2-3 Come Make Some Christmas Ornaments With Me

Here’s a quick, easy & fun Christmas name ornament, that’s a perfect little craftivity for party day or those crazy last few days of school.

Christmas crafts, christmas ornaments, christmas activitiesEven the Common Core “Grinch” police, will have no problem finding this an extremely educational activity!

It can simply be done with little ones (PK-Y5) to practice their names, along with letter recognition, and the difference between upper and lowercase letters, vowels & consonants as well as counting.

Older kiddos, (K-3rd) can practice a lot of math:
such as graphing, addition, greater & less than, data analysis, inference, guess-timation, plus comparing & contrasting with a Venn diagram.

Christmas crafts, christmas ornaments, christmas activitiesI’ve included several worksheets and graphing extensions, plus a "secret" coded Christmas message that you can challenge your students to solve.

Make it a "speed" game, and see who can decode the message first.
Afterwards, students pick a partner and write a secret message to them.

For a sweet keepsake, have children write their name on the back, along with a date and grade, then glue their school photo on. 

Click on the link to zip on over to my TpT shop to take a look: Christmas Name Ornament Laced With Math.

Laminate your students’ completed projects; punch a hole at the top & add a yarn loop.

fingerprint tree ornament, Christmas crafts, christmas ornaments, christmas activities Today's feartured FREEBIE is also an ornament. It's a fingerprint Christmas tree, sure to become a keepsake as well.  

This little craftivity, is a terrific way to review the concept of +1 more and counting to 10, and includes a poem for the back:

"My fingerprints as you can see, have made a lovely little tree. They're stacked up straight and oh so tall, with love from me when I was small."  Children sign and date.

Christmas crafts, christmas ornaments, christmas activitiesThanks for stopping by.  I've got to hustle off to go buy the ingredients to make Christmas cookies.

That was one of my favorite memories with my Grama Lydia, and I hope to make it an annual tradition with Kaiden (3) & Kaitlyn (1) who are coming over today.  Wishing you a love-flled day.

"Grandchildren are sprinkles on the cookies of life." -Unknown

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