Gingerbread Puzzles


1-2-3 Come Do Some Gingerbread Puzzle Craftivities With Me

First up, is a sweet gingerbread puzzle game.  It's a quick, easy and fun way for your kiddos to practice numbers 1-6.
Print off the numbered, "color me" gingerbread pattern, along with the base.

gingerbread game, gingerbread puzzle, gingerbread crafts, alphabet wheels, alphabet activities, alphabet crafts, letter g activities, letter g crafts, letter e activities, letter e craftsStudents color their gingerbread man, cut him apart, then choose a partner to play the puzzle game.

Children take turns rolling a dice. Whatever number they roll, they glue that piece of their gingerbread man to their worksheet.

If they've already rolled that number, it becomes their partner's turn.
The first one to assemble their gingerbread man is the winner.

You can also skip the gluing part, so that students can continue to play the game at home.

Another option, is to run a class set off on brown construction paper; color and laminate.
Before I cut the pieces apart, I add white puffy paint trimming.

It really looks like frosting!
So that I can reuse them every year, I keep each puzzle in its own Snack Baggie, and the laminated worksheet bases in a file folder.

This Dollar Deal has a full-page pattern, as well as a smaller, two-on-a-page gingerbread puzzle


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