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1-2-3 Come Have A Wonderful Year With Me

I know some of you have already started back to school, but that's hard for us midwesterners to wrap our heads around, because here in Michigan (Wisconsin too), Labor Day weekend is our last hurrah, before back to school officially starts on Tuesday.  

With that in mind, I wanted to wish all of my teacher friends a wonderful year.  I hope it's the best one yet.  To everyone else out there in cyber space, Happy Labor Day weekend!

teacher superpower t shirt, teacher posters, free posters for the classroom, inspirational postersI think the T- shirts with the superman logo on them, that read: "I teach! What's your superpower?"  are realistically very true.  There's a quote by Haim Ginott, that I'm fond of.  

It is so true, and rather mind boggling, to realize the power that teachers wield in the classroom, and the amount of impact we have on our students' lives. The huge responsibility that entails, should be dutifully noted.

teachers superpowersI designed this little poster, so that you can hang it up inside your teacher's cupboard or closet, as a gentle reminder. 

If you like it; print off some copies for your teacher friends and tuck them in their mailboxes, as a thoughtful way to wish them a wonderful year. 

Likewise, may yours be filled with excitement and plenty of memory-making moments.  Click on the link to grab a copy of the Superpowers of a Teacher poster.

Thanks for visiting today.  As always, feel free to PIN away.  I for one, get a lot of "pinspiration" from that website, which really gets my creative juices flowing! So many ideas...so little time.

superpowers teacher t shirt, inspirational quotes, teacher quotes, inspirational posters, free classroom posters, Since it's the start of Labor Day weekend, it's only fitting that I happily labor away designing some sweet little goodies, to hopefully make your life easier, and learning-- a bit more fun. 

Later, when my sweetie gets home, the relaxation party can get started!  Hoping your weekend is filled with everything and everyone you enjoy the most.

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." -Chinese Proverb


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