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1-2-3 Come Do Some Shapely Games And Kissing Hand Activities With Me

Since The Kissing Hand Activities have been such popular downloads, I thought I'd make a few more. I've had some requests for shape activities, specifically for Audrey Penn's back to school story, so I thought I'd start there, and do something with her main character, Chester the raccoon. 

kissing hand activities, shape activities, raccoon crafts, shape games, While I putzed with drawing a raccoon, I thought it would be fun to make his eyes and nose the various shapes, as a hand's on game, or whole-group assessment activity.  Thus, Shaping Up With Chester was born. 

I've included the shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, trapezoid, rhombus, star and heart, so teachers would have a choice of what shapes they want to work on.

kissing hand activities, shape activities, raccoon crafts, shape games, The packet includes an option where the eyes, nose and bow can all be changed into all of those shapes.

The photo shows an example of each one.  It's a bit difficult to see, but I've written the shape word on the center of the bows, which are also that shape.

shape games, shape activities, raccoon crafts, kissing hand activitiesSince this involves quite a few pieces, I suggest teachers make these to use as anchor chart posters, large flashcards or a bulletin board. 

Make an extra set to use as an independent math center for early finishers, or to send home with a struggling child.

kissing hand activities, shape activities, raccoon crafts, shape games, There's also a raccoon template with only the nose missing.  Chester's eyes are filled in, ready for students to color. 

Run these off on gray construction paper.  Students color in details with crayons, and then trim. 

I've included a strip of nose shapes for them to color and then cut out, to be used as manipulatives for the game. You could also use my patterns, make a template of each shape, trace once and then cut 3-6 nose shapes out of black construction paper. 

kissing hand activities, shape activities, raccoon crafts, shape games, To play the game, have a child choose a shape word card.  Show it to the class and read it together.  Children find that shape, place it in the nose position on their raccoon, and then raise their hand.  You can see at a glance who is having difficulty. 

shape words, shape activities, kissing hand activities, shape gamesIf you want to check to see if students can identify the shapes by hearing the word, and use this as a whole group assessment tool, then use the cards with only the shape word on them. 

If you want to help little ones learn the shapes, use the word cards that also have a picture of the shape on them, as seen in the photo. 

Since part of the Common Core State Standards for shapes, includes spatial directions, you may want to include some, while children play the game.  i.e. "Put the rectangle nose under Chester's eyes, between his smile, above his neck etc."

Throw in a few silly ones to review the not-quite-appropriate spatial directions and inspire a bit of giggling.  i.e. "Put Chester's oval nose over his eye, behind his ear, on his mouth etc. "

Encourage students to play the shape identification game at home, having parents call out the different shape words.   Children could also choose their favorite shape, glue down the nose, and write the shape word on the back of their raccoon.  For a cute hallway display, suspend them from the ceiling.  A caption could be: "Mr(s.) ___________ kinders are really shaping up!"

shape activities, shape games, kissing hand activities, raccoon craftsThe packet also includes a mini-trace and write shape booklet, where students color the shapes, trace and write the shape words, and then trace and draw the shapes. 

shape activities, shape games, kissing hand activities, raccoon craftsWhen they are done, they trim the pages, collate them and add a cover.  There are two cover options. Click on the link to view/download The Kissing Hand Shape Activities and Games packet. This packet will be FREE for an entire year, after which time it will be included in my jumbo Kissing Hand (Raccoon-Themed) Shape Packet available in my TpT shop.

shape activities, shape games, shape assessments, kissing hand activities, raccoon craftsThanks for visiting today.  It's that perfect kind of afternoon, where the weather is just right, so I'm off to hike some trails with my hubby.   I'm sure Chloe, our poodle pup, will happily lead the way.  Wishing you an awesome nature-filled weekend too.

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